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Out-of-menu dishes are available daily

Get started Appetizers

(Panzanella, fresh and grana mushroom salad, potato and squacquerone flan, Crostino with tomato and mozzarella)

The rolling pin First dishes

* Asparagus is a frozen product

Delicacies Second courses

(a mixture of sautéed and baked vegetables)

All the second courses are accompanied by our mixed
sautéed and baked side dishes

Sweet Tradition Rustichello's sweetness

Covered € 2,00

Water € 2,00

Coffee € 1,50

House wine 1/2 L. € 6,00 – 1/4 L. € 3,00

*Peas, mushrooms, asparagus, baby octopus, cuttlefish and
prawns are frozen products